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Former Scotland Yard detective now licensed private investigator in Texas. Using the latest technology combined with law enforcement experience to deliver discreet superior professional services.


Skip Tracing and Missing Persons

AFR Investigations can locate a person for you, be it an old friend, missing relative, witness, or debtor. 

Background/Pre-employment checks

We provide comprehensive information together with diligent pre-employment investigations. It is our goal to provide you with sufficient data to draw sound conclusions  before you hire an individual for your company.

Spousal Infidelity

From a suspected affair your spouse may be having to a pre-marital evaluation for a potential significant other, AFR Investigations will utilize surveillance and other investigative techniques along with modern technology to uncover the truth.

Family/Civil Investigations

We offer support for potential and existing litigation for all civil suits, including family law matters. These support services include, but are not limited to, interviewing witnesses, locating assets, assisting in enforcement of monetary obligations and judgement recovery, obtaining evidence and other similar support investigations.


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